Our Staff

Bret The Boss, The King. The Don. Patron. Whatever you want to call him, just know that Bret is the Original Gangsta. He started the One Fifteen Broiler 15 years ago with a dream and a vision, and it has since grown into one of the best steakhouses in the Rogue Valley. Never mind the surly attitude. Just sit back and relax, it’s all part of the show.
Sue been serving up some of the best steaks around for about 12 years now here at the 115. Hope to retire in about 6 more years. And I’m one of the few native Oregonians around here
Frank, originally from Port Chester New York. Only true New Yorker currently on staff been working here for 14 years now. Come on down and enjoy a New York steak and don’t fugget about it!
Paul has been at the 115 broiler for about six years now, one of the most professional consistent courteous chefs we’ve ever known here in the Rogue Valley. Don’t forget to check out his produce farm on Upper River Rd. Munday Farms.
Marci has been a local favorite in the restaurant scene for years. Originally from San Diego, she’s proud to be part of this awesome team serving up the best steaks in southern Oregon. Come on in and say hi!
Kari is essentially a baby compared to the seasoned veterans she works with. But she has proven herself with hard work and dedication, a wicked sense of humor and lots of moral support from her imaginary friends. If you want one of the best cocktails in town, come see Kari!
Dottie is a feisty Capricorn who loves long walks on the beach, meadows filled with wildflowers and Tuesday evenings at the One Fifteen Broiler. She’s been proudly serving the residents of Grants Pass for nearly 40 years. Dottie’s biggest wish in life is for the Oregon Ducks to win a national title. Oh, and also world peace.